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Pokemon Base Set 2 Booster Pack 21.1X HEAVY

Pokemon Base Set 2 Booster Pack 21.1X HEAVY

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You will receive one heavy (21.1Xg) pack. There is no holo guarantee. 

Be the Best Pokémon Trainer You Can Be!

If you want to be a Pokémon trainer, play the phenomenally popular Pokémon trading card game. If you want to become an amazing Pokémon Master—maybe even the number-one Pokémon Master in the world— you'll have to train hard!

Putting together an unbeatable deck is every Pokémon trainer's goal. A booster pack is an important part of deckbuilding. You decide which Pokémon work best combined with trading cards from a Pokémon preconstructed theme deck or starter set. Or simply combine your favorite Pokémon from booster packs to create your own unique deck!

A powerful deck is the foundation for mastering the Pokémon trading card game. Start building today!


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You are not guaranteed a specific pack artwork when purchasing a booster pack. Booster packs are randomized and it is first come first serve.

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